Gaming Addiction

Parents across the globe are increasingly concerned about their sons and daughters online gaming habits. They are sure that there is a problem but counselors unfamiliar with online gaming addiction donít understand how seductive they can be.

Gamers who become hooked show clear signs of addiction. Like a drug, gamers who play almost every day, play for extended periods of time (over 4 hours), get restless or irritable if they canít play, and sacrifice other social activities just to game are showing signs of addiction.

Just like any other addictive drug, the intense concentration and tangential thinking required to win in the virtual gaming world, leads to release of excitatory neurotransmitters that cause a intense pleasure-reward surge on winning.

Excessive game playing can be a symptom of serious underlying mental/emotional problems.A combination of psychiatric/psychological help may be your best bet to break free of this unhealthy habit.

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