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The Right to Health and Health care is a human right. Till the advent of Consumer Courts / Forums, there were hardly any cases of medical negligence. However that scenario is fast changing in India with the patient becoming more aware about his rights and taking an active part in deciding his treatment and outcomes.

A well informed patient is able to work in synergy with his healthcare provider and help in achieving the best outcome possible. Today in the era of globalization where public services are slowly being privately operated and open to market forces ,it is necessary to have well defined parameters of law within which the healthcare delivery system should act and a periodical review of the continuing value of existing laws , and if need be new provisions added or old ones revised.

The qmedicine editorial team has reviewed substantial data to bring before you key legal issues in healthcare listed in the table below.

Health and Law Topics

Rights of the Patient

Occupational Health & Safety

Mental Health Law


Right to Health & Healthcare

National Human Rights Commission

Issues in Medical Practice

Drugs and Public Health

Environment & Health

Reproductive Rights

Obligations of the Pvt. Sector

Landmark Medicolegal Cases

Important Court Websites

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