Court Websites

The qmedicine team has compiled the list of all the court websites in the Union of India.

  1. - Judgments Information System - Providing information about Indian Judiciary, disposed & pending case status in Supreme Court and high courts and the judgement information system.

  2. - Indian courts - Offers information about Indian judiciary, IT in judiciary, Ministry of Law and Justice, judgement information system, case status information and cause lists.

  3. - High Court of Patna - Providing information about its history, judges, case status, cause list, district courts, I.T. activities and judgements.

  4.  - High Court of Bombay - Official website of bombay high court providing information about chief justices, officers, court orders, proceedings and other legal services.

  5.  - High Court of Rajasthan - official website of Rajasthan High Court with information about its history, CJs, judges, registrar, cause list and case status.

  6.  -High Court of Punjab & Haryana Official site of High Court of Punjab and Haryana providing information about judges, cause list, cases and decisions.

  7.  - High Court of Karnataka - Providing information about High Court judgements, sitting list, cause list, case status and sub-ordinate courts.

  8.  - High Court of Jammu & Kashmir - Engaged in taking decision for cases of Jammu & Kashmir providing information about CJs, registrars, judgements, pendency statistics, subordinate judiciary and year wise law report.

  9. - Bombay High Court in Goa - Providing information about case status, orders, judgements, cause list and bombay court.

  10. -
  11.  - High Court of Assam, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Manipur, Tripura, Mizoram and Arunachal Pradesh - providing information about history, judgments, cause list, judges, statistics and district courts.

  12.  - Delhi High Court - Website of Delhi High Court providing information about CJ and sitting judges, registrars, court rules, nominated counsel, judgements, cause list, day to day orders and Delhi district courts.

  13.  - High Court of Chhattisgarh - Engaged in taking decision for cases in Chhattisgarh and providing information about sitting judges, initial case statistics, daily cause list, office order and list of advocates to be registered.

  14.  - Supreme Court of India - A website for getting information about the latest cases decided by the Supreme Court of India by date, name, subjects with online searchable database for finding any particular case, a list of latest cases with details and a lawyer directory.

  15. - High Court Jharkhand - Providing information about Jharkhand High Courtís history, chief justices and judges and other information.

  16.  - High Court of Kerala - High Court for the State of Kerala and also having jurisdiction over the union territory of Lakshadweep.

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