Obligations of the Private Sector

The majority of large hospitals and some of the Nursing Homes are registered as public trusts. Such registration entitles them to income tax exemption and other benefits. These hospitals have also added privileges like duty exemptions while importing drugs and medical equipment and building construction relaxations such as additional floor space index, cheap land, etc.

The Public Trusts Acts which operate in Delhi and Bombay, as also in many other places provide that if the State has given certain amount of aid to ‘charitable’ hospitals these hospitals are obligated to treat certain quota of patients totally free and certain other quota of patients on a subsidized basis.

Obligation to Provide Emergency Health Care

Proper medical aid within the scope of the equipments and facilities available at the Health facility and hospitals should be provided to such patients and proper records of the treatment given should be maintained and preserved. The guiding principle should be to ensure that no emergency case is denied medical care.

Medico Legal Cases

Right to Emergency Care during Accidents: Whenever any medico-legal case attends the hospital, the medical officer on duty should inform the Duty Constable, name, age, sex of the patient and place and time of occurrence of the incident, and should start the required treatment of the patient. Onward transmission of information is the duty of the police officials.

The medico-legal cases coming to hospital on their own will not be denied the treatment by the hospital nor the case will be referred to other hospitals because the incident has occurred in the area which belongs to the zone of any other hospital.

There is no legal barrier for a medical professional when he is called upon or requested to attend to an injured person needing his medical assistance immediately. The effort to save the person should be the top priority not only of the medical professional but every one concerned.

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