Q-Homecare Cancer Care Services


Introducing for the first time in Delhi, a Cancer-Care-at-Home program which has been designed by Super Specialist Doctors.  

If your loved one has been diagnosed with cancer then get in touch with us for creating the perfect specialized homecare ambience for them. We help with the following:

    1. Chemotherapy, Aftercare, Hydration and comprehensive ancillary treatments
    2. Neutropenic care in a “low infection risk” domestic environment
    3. Customized Care environment designed in conjunction with your treating Doctor
    4. Cancer Pain and symptom management
    5. Cancer fatigue management
    6. Palliative or “End of Life” care to improve quality of life
    7. Administration of intravenous therapies
    8. Nutrition and Rehabilitation

All our care programs follow scientifically accepted international clinical guidelines agreed upon by your oncologist who remains clinically responsible for the care at all times.

Cancer is perhaps humanity’s greatest challenge and a time of great difficulty for the patient and the family. Q-Homecare endeavors to help you in creating the best possible Care-at-Home environment that can help you win this battle or at least face it with dignity and a great degree of comfort in the ambience of your home.

We help you in achieving a better quality of life (no lengthy travel to hospitals or clinics, greater convenience to patient and family)), lower risk of hospital-acquired infections, and excellent clinical outcomes comparable to treatment in the hospital.

We actively liaise with your Oncologist/Oncosurgeon at all times regarding your progress and have an in built clinical record keeping protocol that helps your Doctor in making continuous adjustments to win the most important battle of your life.

Q-Homecare is India’s first Homecare service to be professionally managed by Super-Specialist Doctors, backed by a 10,000 page web

To download a PDF version of the Q-Homecare Brochure click here

However if you do not wish to subscribe to our services, for your convinience we at qmedicine have compiled a list of most of the home nursing services in the city and for ease of access we have divided the geographical areas into regions. Clicking on the region from which you hail will lead you to a page listing almost all of the home nursing services available in the area. We hope our information helped you.

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