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caradiac care

Having a heart condition no longer means confinement to hospital bed for longer than is absolutely necessary. A high quality and specialist homecare service, delivered by highly trained nurses, physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals, offers dedicated one-to-one care in the comfort of your home.

The Q-Homecare team of have qualified specialist cardiac nurses who provide one-to-one nursing for the care and rehabilitation of patients with a heart condition. Our private home service offers round-the-clock professional support for patients who are living with or recovering from:

•Heart attack (myocardial infarction)
•Congestive heart failure
•Coronary heart disease and stroke
•High blood pressure (hypertension)
•Pulmonary heart disease
•Various forms of cardiovascular and thoracic surgeries

Our experienced specialist team helps patients with acute and chronic heart conditions to maximize their chances of returning to health by:

•24/7 assessment and evaluation
•Professional and emotional support
•Providing nutritional support
•Controlling cholesterol levels
•Oxygen therapy (if required)
•Encouraging mobility and independence or passive exercises as appropriate
•Wound care
•Post operative infection control and safety management
•Facilitating a multidisciplinary approach tailored to the patient’s individual needs
•Tackling the factors that increase the risk of heart disease, such as smoking, poor diet and physical exercise as guided by your cardiologist/cardiac surgeon.

Q-Homecare is India’s first Homecare service to be professionally managed by Super-Specialist Doctors, backed by a 10,000 page web

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However if you do not wish to subscribe to our services, for your convinience we at qmedicine have compiled a list of most of the home nursing services in the city and for ease of access we have divided the geographical areas into regions. Clicking on the region from which you hail will lead you to a page listing almost all of the home nursing services available in the area. We hope our information helped you.

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