Q-Homecare Medical Aids Delivery Services

medical aids

Q-Homecare is committed to providing you with the best possible solutions for you medical aid and assistance at your doorstep

Our patients needs range from one end of the medical spectrum to the other, whether needs be based around diabetes, obesity, immobility, incontinence, ostomy or urological, oxygen, and many other needs.

We offer a large inventory of the latest medical products available. We can deliver the equipment right to your door.
• Respiratory equipments
• Monitors
• Feeding devices
• Mobility aids
• Slings and supports
• Personal care and hygiene products
• Miscellaneous

Why choose us?

At Q-Homecare we recognize that getting the right medical equipment can enhance your quality of life. It can improve your mobility, make breathing easier and improve the quality of your sleep.

We also understand that each individual patient has unique needs. We're happy to spend as much time as needed with all of our patients and families to ensure they understand the proper operation of equipment.

A friendly and knowledgeable associate will be on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you should ever need assistance with your equipment.We have an in-house maintenance department to maintain all of our equipment to the highest standards. If for some reason your equipment should need maintenance, a loaner will be delivered immediately to your door. We deliver quality service and top-notch products


Q-Homecare is India’s first Homecare service to be professionally managed by Super-Specialist Doctors, backed by a 10,000 page web

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However if you do not wish to subscribe to our services, for your convinience we at qmedicine have compiled a list of most of the home nursing services in the city and for ease of access we have divided the geographical areas into regions. Clicking on the region from which you hail will lead you to a page listing almost all of the home nursing services available in the area. We hope our information helped you.

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