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Globally, patients and their families prefer home care over traditional health care because of the umpteen benefits it provides. Home care offers substantial flexibility too.

We at Q-Homecare provides rehabilitation tailor made physiotherapy services at home for number of conditions such as:

• Convalescence phase after prolong hospitalization
• Therapy after major surgery
• Rehabilitation for any neurological condition,
•Maintenance service for chronic disability.

Advantages of being treated at home:

• It is more convenient than sitting in waiting rooms of hospitals and clinics.
• Some clients are not so mobile especially the elderly and patients with neurological deficits.
• Clients are generally more comfortable in their own home environments.
• Many conditions are better treated at home as often the problems can be seen firsthand.
• Exercise programs can be designed around what you have at home.

Why to choose Q-Homecare?

• We have an experienced home visiting physiotherapy team who have interests in the functional rehabilitation of neurological and orthopaedic patients as well as care of the elderly.
• We  offer a home based service which allows us to tailor patients rehabilitation needs specific to their home environment.
• We are a professional team who love what we do and will go to great lengths to achieve the best results for all of our clients.
• Our vision is to deliver a quality home based rehabilitation service by offering thorough assessments, appropriate rehabilitation based on the latest research so that our patients can function optimally within their home and the broader context of society.

Q-Homecare is India’s first Homecare service to be professionally managed by Super-Specialist Doctors, backed by a 10,000 page web

To download a PDF version of the Q-Homecare Brochure click here

However if you do not wish to subscribe to our services, for your convinience we at qmedicine have compiled a list of most of the home nursing services in the city and for ease of access we have divided the geographical areas into regions. Clicking on the region from which you hail will lead you to a page listing almost all of the home nursing services available in the area. We hope our information helped you.

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