Top Psychologists in Delhi/NCR

Psychologists attempt to understand the role of mental functions in individual and social behavior. By virtue of their specialized training they are able to analyze the personal and socio-cultural milieu contributing to various mental health problems. Psychologists can be broadly classified into:

  • Clinical, counseling, and school psychologists who work with patients in a variety of clinical settings and therapeutic contexts.
  • Organizational psychologists who apply psychological research, theories and techniques to "real-world" problems, questions and issues in business, industry, or government.
  • Academics who are assosiated with psychological research or teaching psychology in a college or university.

Delhi/NCR has seen a fast burgeoning awareness of this branch of medicine and more and more people are finding out how beneficial it is to understand the negative stresses accumulated in the course of life in a big city and highly trained psychologists are helping them find relief and tailor their life to achieve satisfactory outcomes.

We at qmedicine have compiled a list of the Top Psychologists in the city and for ease of access we have divided the geographical areas into regions. Clicking on the region from which you hail will lead you to a page listing almost all of the Psychology Professionals available in the area.

List of Top Psychologists by region

Central Delhi

South Delhi

North Delhi

East Delhi

West Delhi




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