Skin Hair and Nails

Your skin is your largest organ. Skin protects the network of muscles, bones, nerves, blood vessels, and everything else inside our bodies. Eyelids have the thinnest skin, the soles of our feet the thickest.

Hair is actually a modified type of skin. Hair grows everywhere on the human body except the palms of the hands, soles of the feet, eyelids, and lips. Hair grows more quickly in summer than winter, and more slowly at night than during the day.

Like hair, nails are a type of modified skin and they're not just for beauty. Nails protect the sensitive tips of our fingers and toes. Human nails are not necessary for living, but they do provide support for the tips of the fingers and toes, protect them from injury, and aid in picking up small objects. Without them, we'd have a hard time scratching an itch or untying a knot. Nails can be an indicator of a person's general health, and illness often affects their growth.

Diseases affecting the Skin, Hair and Nails are addresed by a gamut of specialists comprising, Dermatologists, General Surgeons, Vascular Surgeons, General Physicians, Onco Surgeons, Medical Oncologists and Radiation Oncologists.

List of Health Topics related to Skin Hair and Nails

Athelete's Foot

Birth Mark

Bites and Stings-Insects






Corns and Calluses

Contact Dermatitis

Diabetic Foot Ulcer

Atopic Eczema

Excessive Sweating

Fungal Scalp Infection

Head lice and Nits

Head Lice-Wet Combing




Venous Leg Ulcers

Fungal Nail Infection

Nappy Rash


Pilonidal Sinus


Ringworm Infection



Scarlet Fever

Sebaceous Cyst

Seborrhoeic Dermatitis-Adults

Seborrhoeic Dermatitis-Children

Taenia Cruris

Toe Nails-Ingrowing


Varicose Eczema



Acne Prevention

Acne Scars

Acne Treatment

Acne-Home Remedy

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